25 September 2011

Ghoul/Zombie lord

Standing 2 heads taller than most of my miniatures this 35mm zombie mini from Reaper had very few areas of use. Until I figured out he could be a zombified "Giant" or something like that. "Bosses" in games tend to be larger and stronger than their minions anyway. Though I'm still bummed out about the blister being so oversized. The two other zombies are completely useless to me....

I really like the model though, and the funny detail he has a teddybear in his pocket. I painted him in bright colors because that felt right for some reason. Figured he was an excentric fellow before he bit the dust and was raised  from the dead.

On a more positive note, my friend Calle dropped by real quick today to drop off the ESLO buildings I bought from him to really speed things up for my "horror game" project. 6 buildings all in all, enough to make a village. Some of the buildings look good as they are, I will make some touch ups on a couple and repaint one. I will also fix the "bright green" bases so that they will work with my new gameboard which is being made.

I did receive 2 out of 3 cans of "fine turf" from Maelstrom Games last week so I've been cathing up on a lot of my WIP terrain pieces. I will start posting all the new cool stuff on Monday. Still need to buy some paint so I can fix the roads I got from my other friend Thomas.

The project is really coming along quite well not and I  can't wait to have everything ready. This will greatly improve the visual appeal of my games and battle reports - and will serve as a great draw in during conventions and game days.

Oh, and my godawul cold is letting go, meaning I will be able to bust my ass working on some terrain during monday as well before I start working on my upcoming exam.

I've also been harassing West Wind about Empire of the Dead but it does seem to take longer than expected. If the demo rules/complete rulebook gets released before Sydcon (last weekend in October) it will be a close call. My backup game for Sydcon is Strange Aeons, so regardless of what happens there will be some sort of horror game demo.


  1. Perhaps he's some sort of nightmarish enemy in a pulp game?

  2. Witchfinder General : intended for the ECW, but maybe useable for a 'weird 18th C.' / 'Lacepulp' campaign?

  3. For individual characters, as for totally irregular bodies, the flagrant differences between miniatures ranges are a *plus*.
    Tabletop units must 'show' their nature: thus, a regular close order regiment has to look as if ready for a 'clones war'. Even if representing the same historical unit at the same nominal scale, figurines from different sculptors show differences, not only in the rendition of the human body, but in the size and details of hats, of weapons... Thus, miniatures from any other manufacturer can be included only for 'special characters', mounted officer, drummer &c.
    On the opposite, a fully irregular bunch has to appear as an aggregate of individuals, all as different as possible. Here clothes and weapons are personal issue, thus variations are *expected*; people vary widely in height (there would be a difference of # 2.5mm between '28mm' miniatures of Sarah Shahi and Sigourney Weaver) and bulk (compare Kate Moss with Pamela Anderson). In this case the wide differences of style and interpretation of 'scale' between manufacturers are precious; so much the more as one can easily gain (or *lose*) ± 1.5mm by playing with the thickness of the bases (variations of bases thickness are obvious when the minis are in a display case, but turn unnoticeable when on a playing surface). Thus any figurines within the 25<->30mm or 28<->33mm ranges are fully compatible. Even more, indeed: an old French sailors song (telling a Jackaroe-like story) states that a girl was barely 15 when she dressed as a man and joined a ship crew: thus a few members of a totally irregular warband / ship crew, or of a collection of individuals, may still have to grow; on the other hand, people taller than Sigourney Weaver by 8 inches or more (-> minis up to 35mm) *do* exist.

  4. Great post abdul666, and I agree. Sometimes irregular size on miniatures works out. It was just too bad the zombie blister from Reaper were all 35mm, larger than all my other models regardless of collection. Kind of hard to justify 3 giant zombies. 1 giant zombie can always be used for a "character" model though :-)


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