04 September 2011

Old West Madam

When I placed my order at Reaper I really looked through their entire range and picked a handful of models that I have been meaning to buy for a long time, but I also found a few new one's that I had not seen before.

So I bought 3 Old West minis, and this one was just one of those "must have" miniatures.
The miniature could be used for both Old West and Strange Aeons. In a Old West setting she could be either a Madam overlooking a brother, a Saloon owner or simply a female ranch owner. The model had Sergio Leone/old westerns qualities to it so I also painted her with heavy eyeliner to look a bit like Claudia Cardinale's character in Once upon a time in the West.

The miniature is perfectly sized to go along with Artizan if you keep the Artizan models on their metal base. Being a female, her smaller frame also fits with some of the Black Scorpion miniatures I have (I only compared with the "Outlaws").

I usually don't paint eyebrows on my miniatures, it sometimes happens to make a male model look a bit older or "rough", but in this case I really wanted this lady to have eyebrows to make her "superior" gaze much more focused.


  1. That is a fantastic paintjob on a fantastic figure. The eyebrows really work too.

  2. She looks really nice i like the colours on the dress and the added beauty spot .

  3. She turned at great! Love her face XD

  4. Great looking paint job, really nice figure

  5. Thanks guys :-)

    Can't wait to use this model in an actual game. Both me and my buddy Calle have been itching to play more Legends of the Old West and I might shoehorn some LotoW games in the near future when our schedules allow for it.


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