10 September 2011

Old West Texas Ranger

Another Western miniature from the Reaper catalogue, superb sculpt and lots of character.

The size of this one is similar to the "Old west Madam" I painted  a few days ago but being a male his height is slightly taller so he can fit in with Black Scorpion Miniatures range models as well if you like. Previously I thought BSM were the place to go if you wanted Old West minis but I kind of like the sculpting of the models I got from Reaper a tad more. They are not as "blocky" if that makes any sense. And being slightly smaller they can fit in with other ranges more easily.

Comparison picture shows a Black Scoprion Outlaw and a Artizan Design "Earp" brother.

With that said I would still love to have a majority of the Black Scorpion "civilian" range as there are a ton of great characters among those blister - most of which would work for a Strange Aeons 1920's setting as well.

For the two weeks to come I've already planned the blog content to be "Forgotten Realms week" and a "Western  Week", in that order. So there will be reviews of miniature wargames, boardgames, movies and books connected to each theme Monday-Friday both weeks.


  1. Love the black scorpion figures and it looks like they scale up well with Artizan. top paint job as well. When ever I see western figures I think of starting a collection.

  2. Great paint job. I really like this figure i think its the pose and the fact he has a sawn off shotgun i think!

  3. Thanks guys, I really like this model a lot, intimidating pose and looks about him :-)


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