18 September 2011


3rd and last miniatures painted up for my buddy Widgren. This one I have no real idea where it is from. Widgren mentioned something about Copplestone but I can't find this model anywhere in that range. It is slightly bulkier than the Hasslefree stuff, on the other hand all Hasslefree models are very "fine detail" and slim models. This one would go well with a lot of other ranges though.

Figured this could be a professor of some kind used for a Lovecraftian adventure. It's a simple model but painted up great. I personally love when models aren't cluttered with details as it paints up faster and allows for some creativity in the palette. For this one I used striped pants since Widgren had mentioned that he liked my "striped pants costume dudes" haha.
And I do like painting striped pants, jackets are much harder I admit but not impossible.

The pants are basecoated scorched earth. I then painted the first step on the light stripes using a mix of scorched earth and khaki, then filled them in with pure khaki. I then proceeded to clean up the lines and make them evenly wide with scorched brown again, then added a thin line of bestial brown inside the scorched brown line. To get the look I was going for I first washed the pants with Gryphonne Sepia and followed up with Ogyn Flesh.


  1. That's Dr. Bell from Artizan Design's "Thrilling Tales" range.


  2. Thanks Ambassador, yeah a few people have mentioned him being Artizan since I posted it on various forums. And now that I know that, I can really see the Artizan sculpting style on his face in particular :-)

  3. my bad. its artizan. looks great, though!

  4. Looks great, the work on the trousers is top notch.


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