05 September 2011

"Project dollhouse" 4x4 skirmish wargame table

What could make you feel more like a weirdo than painting butt cheeks or cleavages? Painting furniture. I've dubbed my current terrain building project "Project dollhouse". The idea is to have a very detailed set of terrain pieces for SydCon this year where I hope to run a demo of either Strange Aeons or Empire of the Dead if it gets finished by that time.

"Project dollhouse" will be a mix of completely new terrain pieces and buildings, revamped old terrain pieces and will use the back of my current 3-piece foamboard gametable.  The game table currently has the GW battlemat glued to the front facing, the back is messed up but will be fixed with an assortment of flocks, water effects and static grass to create a more realistic surface suitable for a more gritty Lovecraftian horror game.

About the furniture and stuff, I was kind of reluctant at first but it really makes interiors look "lived in" and makes the visual appearance of house interiors much more appealing. This is probably more important to small scale skirmish games than large scale battle games where you usually prefer to have empty buildings to place your troops in for cover and such.

This is the first batch of furniture, enough for 2 buildings. Almost everything is made by "Grendel" and is a mix of resin and metal. I started making my own furniture out of balsa wood as well, stuff like wardrobes and desk (things that don't require lots of detail).
These are the balsa furniture, detailed with Grendel clutter
I also added some details to a few other of the Grendel furniture pieces, the "evil book" on the lecturn is a piece of taped balsawood painted up, and the papers on the table are small pieces of paper superglued in place.
The project is coming along real nice and I intend to keep making terrain and focus on the terrain aspects over the coming months. The immidiete goal is to get a 4x4' area up and ready for games like Strange Aeons, Legends of the Old West, Empire of the Dead and Malifaux. All of those games are relatively small scale skirmish games that really depend on having decent terrain features to tell a story.

My buddy Widgren, being a great guy, will help me out with road sections for the 4x4 table as well to tie all the terrain together.

Pictures of buildings, new hedges and more furniture will be posted during this week over the days to come.


  1. Looks very nice. Will add a lot of atmosphere to any skirmish game you've got going on. I'm sure some it wouldn't go a miss in your SOTR games.

  2. Coming along beautifully indeed! A great setting for some Cthulhu hunting too :-)

  3. They are looking very good!!

    This is goood stuff for plenty of games.

  4. That's really nice stuff and painting, you could work for Ikea!

  5. A pleasant assortment of furniture and a lovely paintjob!

    Indeed furniture adds a *lot* to the visual appeal of a game, would it be the one you intend, a swashbuckling encounter between the 3 Musketeers and the Cardinal's Guards or a pirates brawl in a tavern!

    Regarding 'Lovecraftian' games, I just read (OK, in Wikipedia...) that Lovecraft 'considered himself a man best suited to the early 18th century.' Your adaptation of Strange Aeons to 'tricornes' times is thus specially appropriate!

    As for 'feel like a weirdo than painting butt cheeks or cleavages' at the end of my 'active' wargaming carrier I had painted a huge army of 'Amazons', most of the 1800-some minis topless and very scantly clad (the 'core' of the 'regulars' from the Aureola Roccoco range); never felt like a weido... I had a respectable excuse, the hope that an all-female army would tempt my daughter to play wargames. Oddly enough (?) my 'historical' accomplices -all testosterone-filled young males...- were far less reluctant to field their Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Macedonians... against my Amazons than against Dwarves, Elves or Orcs :)

  6. HAHA! That is a hilarious story abdul666, thanks for sharing :D

    My female friends who have seen my miniature collection actually fancy the "cool" models and monster over most other things. Though they also like the "badass female" miniatures like the Soviet Sniper and the Old West Madam I painted recently.

  7. they all look great! that reminds me that i ought to take the brush to my fruniture too!

  8. Wee it's so cute! Soon you'll get moms on your ass asking you to paint their daughter's dollhouse XD


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