09 September 2011

Renedra plastic fences and gravestones review

I bought one pack each of the Renedra plastic fences and the plastic gravestones. Each pack comes with two frames, both are identical in content.

I have yet to use them for my  terrain building but both products are so straight forward that I figured I might review them in their "raw" state. I bought these from Warlord Games, because it was the cheapest source I could find.

The fences went for £6 and the gravestones £8.  I did not really know what to expect when I placed my order, but when it arrived I was a bit bummed out by the dull look of the "fences". They reminded me of old toy fences you could get as a kid when buying bags of plastic cowboys in the toy store.

Not really an interesting blister, the price is not a killer here rather the design of the fences. Half of them are regular cattle fences which you could make yourself using BBQ sticks and they would at least look more robust. The amount of picket fence pieces is not enough to build a surrounding fence around any of the buildings I have. If anything you could maybe make an L or a U shaped fence next to your house. Not a fan of this pack.

Now let's take a look at the gravestone, slightly more expensive but I feel you get more "bang for your buck" with this pack. The variety and detail is excellent, you get both slabs, crosses, tombstones, stone details and a crow on each frame. Now you can argue that these contents are just as easy to make as the fences, yeah that is kind of true, but there is still enough detail here to warrant a purchase as it would take a lot more time and effort to make tombstones that look this good compared to throwing together a cattle fence.

Each frame has 20 tombstones/crosses, add to that stone details, stone slabs and things like the crow and you have pretty much enough content to make an interesting looking graveyard. Just add a statue or a mausoleum and you're set. I can really recommend the gravestone pack.


  1. Nice review, I just ordered the graveyard, it's a great little set.

  2. Anatoli,

    You going to use both sprues of the tombstone set? If not, would you like to trade a sprue with me?

    I've got some fences here:


  3. @Captain Arjun, I will probably use both yeah as I plan a rather large cemetery for my demo table. But thanks for the offer!

  4. I've been making a few things with my gravestone set and I'm thrilled with it. Pics at my blog soon

  5. @Paul, looking forward to seeing your stuff, your Viking project is a real inspiration :-)

  6. Do you know anywhere to get good 15mm gravestones? these are great but a bit big.

  7. @quickdrawgc, sorry but I don't. As 90% of my collection is 28mm and only my single Flames of War army being 15mm I decided I would skip making terrain for that scale and rely on others when I want to get a game going.

    But you should check over at Lead Adventure Forum, they usually know their stuff regardless of scale :-)


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