07 September 2011

Small cabin (revamped)

My home made balsa wood building, previously painted in a dark dull green color, I decided I wanted to keep this piece of terrain but that it would need some touching up.
So I repainted the exterior and interior and crammed the remaining furniture from my first batch into this house.

The pictures I've been using as "large paintings" are playing cards from an old game called "Guardians". I got a small stack of mixed cards from a friend about a year ago and some of them had really nice artwork, not having any need for the game itself I figured they could at least be used for some of my terrain pieces.

I'm still waiting at my Maelstrom Games order which consisted of 3 "shaker" bottles of various flock material but that order does not even seem to have been processed yet!? They are usually lightning fast with this sort of things. I need that flock before I can start making new terrain pieces and start working on the back side of my gaming table...


  1. Very nice I really like what you've done with the picture on the wall. It adds that little bit more realism to it.

  2. Really nice work, the picture on the wall looks really sharp.


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