06 September 2011

Small stone building

I bouth 3 cheap Total System Scenics buildings, 2 barns and 1 small stone building.

The idea for the demo table is a rural area with something like 5 buildings, a partial river where I can park my river boat I built last year and a cemetery.

I plan to use this building as part of the cemetery (which will be something like 4 modules), either as the gravediggers house or simply a building belonging to a necromancer character. The door is from Grendel and I carved a hole in the resin kit, replacing the "front only" door with this double sided one. It also made the front of the building look a bit more interesting.

All buildings will of course have removable roofs, I'm a person that feels buildings are pointless if you can't use them for anything else than line of sight blocking. The furniture batch and my old crates etc will all be filling these buildings to make them look more "real"  when using the interior. All furniture and details will be kept loose so that than can be removed/re-arranged to fill the needs of gameplay and variation.

Something that I've also been thinking about since I got the D&D:Wrath of Ashardalon game was how to incorporate those dungeon tiles with miniature wargaming. And here's how I plan to do it. Imagine that you have a scenario where the investigators are searching the small hamlet building by building. Each house have a random table of events/monsters that you roll a D6 for. Either your investigators get jumped by a lunatic cultist or they find a hidden trapdoor. Using the trapdoor you pick up the investigators and place them on a already laid out "cellar/dungeon"  and likewise roll for events/monster content as they have to move through the cellar from one spot to the other to reach their end goal of the scenario.

I think this will be a cool feature. It will be a bit abstract with the lack of 3D walls, but you simply will have to draw LoS with a rule, the black edges are regarded as walls.


  1. Looks really cool. Good idea with the trapdoors and then going into the dungeon layout.

  2. Extremely promising!
    And, if I may, directly usable in a wide range of time (Carpathia -or Arkham on the Miskatonic?- by 1750...).

  3. they look great! if you want to make them look more homey try to paint the inner walls in a lagiht colour, that gives it a furnished look.
    cant wait to play whith them:)

  4. Nice work, like the interior details on the house.


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