03 September 2011

Soviet female sniper

Some of you might have wondered what I've been doing besides compiling those SoTR AAR's over the past week. I'll reveal the next big project soon enough, I'm waiting for a few things to arrive before I can start working on the "big stuff" - but things have been going on behind the scenes so to speak. I didn't get a lot of painting done last week due to university starting again but I did receive my order from Reaper and managed to paint up a couple of models that I really liked.

This one is painted up as a commission for a friend.


  1. That is really good!

    I got my first SOTR figures yesterday, some US Armoured Infantry but I am thinking of painting them up as French with some of the Adrian helmet heads!

    Keep inspiring me!



  2. That's a cool idea Meadows, I was hoping long and hard Warlord would release some separate Polish helmet/field cap heads so I could use them with some of the SoTR range but they still haven't.

    Are you going to post your stuff over at the SoTR forum, Lead Adventure or somewhere else where we can see them :-) ?

  3. Very well done. Very sexy piece. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Great figs mate - the pose and the basing is just superb! Very inspiring :-)

  5. Beauftifully painted. I like all the 'not' sucker punch figures

  6. That is a really cool model, great painting as well.

  7. What a lovely model. Well,and the painting to.

    Great work.

  8. Sexy Russian spy XD Cool model and nice paint job^^ Looks like her!


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