17 September 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Hasslefree miniature of Elvis sporting a revolver for protection against the shambling dead of the zombie apocalypse.

Another fun miniature to paint. I wanted the white on his clothes to be "softer" in highlights and tone than usual. So the white is painted:

Basecoat: Dheneb stone
Dheneb stone+Bone White
Bone White
Bone White+Skull white
Skull White
A thin layer of Vallejo matt varnish to tie everything together and give the surface a smooth look.

Actually not that much of a pain in the ass to paint the white, but I guess that I've got used to it after painting my French Indian War stuff.

I googled "Elvis Las Vegas" and found a great picture for reference, so I painted up the miniature accordingly. Black guitar with white details and white clothes with gold details.


  1. hail to the king, baby! it looks great!

  2. Very nice and smooth he even looks a little bit chubby well done on a nice paintjob

  3. Great work, and thanks for sharing the "white" formula its a tough color to get to look right.


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