16 October 2011

Blood Bowl Orc Lineman

Two things keep plaguing this project. Worn out "very fine detail" brushes which leads to frustration and finding it boring to paint these Orc models. And the severe problem with the matt varnish I won't even mention as I will just sound as a broken record.

Anyway, some of the Orc models are sculpted in a funny way, it looks as if they run around in their underwear or a large diaper. So what I'm going to do is to paint them as if they had some sort of tights, just like on this model.

I will check with the local hobby store for brushes tomorrow, the problem there is that the guy stopped receiving products from the producer of the "Kolinsky-Rotmarder" brushes which are both cheap and really good. I may have to check with the local artstore as well. I hate being out of accurate small tipped brushes, I basically paint all my models with "fine detail"/"very fine detail" sized brushes.


  1. I like the way how you painted the orc up. The non-standard skin tone and color selection.

    I looked at that line of models but was just too damm expensive for me to invest in. That is why I built my own out of plastics to control the look of each model so they was unique from any other team that anyone else would play.

  2. I think your "tights" approach is quite effective - looks like a real set of sporting attire!

    And purple orcs are kewl!

  3. Thanks guys, yeah it looks a bit better than having them run around in their underwear :D

  4. Love the colour scheme and the paint job!


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