11 October 2011

Blood Bowl Troll for Orc team

After having waited for many months my Blood Bowl Orc team have finally reached the position of being next in line for painting. So I will try to paint up the entire team before I move on to another project, after this model I really only have 9 more models to paint. The troll is from Black Scorpion miniatures and was a mixed bag regarding the way it is sculpted. I really like the front of the model, but the completely scaly back is just weird and feels wrong - add to that the shape of the head that is not scaly but rather formed out of hard angles and the "spine"....

But what is most infuriating is the fact that the weather is now cold and damp making any attempt to matt varnish a miniature in my garage to be in vain. I need to find a decent substitute "brush on" matt varnish that I can use during the 6-7 months when the weather is shit here in Sweden.

Anyway, enough nagging, here is how the model turned out.


  1. The Troll looks great! I have yet to buy one for my team. I did the same thing also, painted the entire team at once instead of blocks (pardon the pun).

    As for the model, looks like they tried to based it on the River Troll with the scales and such. Sounds like you wanted the standard troll more.

    As for weather, I feel your pain, we have nothing here but either rain or hot, humid weather in Florida. So, I have to wait for windows in the weather to primer which are rare.

    As for coating the figure I used "Future Floor Wax" a liquid (clear) in my inks that works like a sealer as I paint. I sometimes get a gloss effect that I have to matt varnish down later when the weather gets nice, but it helps make the paint tougher as a bonus to helping the ink flow better.

  2. Yes, this is more of a "river troll", I prefer the regular troll without scales (or at least not as many). The skin on my Orc team is painted by mixing green, brown, khaki and flesh paints in one large mix so it is hard to paint more than one at a time. I will try painting the rest of the team in pairs though as they have less exposed flesh than the troll did.

  3. I love it! Great detailing mate. My own BS Troll arrived yesterday so he will get some love soon too.

    My son's Orc team are finished now, you can see them in their shiny purple armour here:

  4. I saw them over at LAF, he did a great job on those :-)

  5. I have been using Winsor and Newton Galeria matt varnish of late by hand over army painter and so far it has worked ok. Don't know how it would react to your temperature though.

  6. Awesome!
    But you're right about the scales though.

  7. The white line in the grass really lifts the whole model. I just love those small things that raise the model to another level. And a nice paintjob on that troll to.


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