01 October 2011


Bought 2mm thick plasticard and based the Renedra gravestones pack on it to make a modular cemetery. Not a whole lot of work involved here. The gravestones themselves were drybrushed with Knarloc Green over the black basecoat primer and then followed up with a Astronomicon grey drybrush. The fence shown on one of the cemetery pieces is from the Renedra fence pack, while the lady statue is made out of plaster and comes from a pack of 3. Don't really know the name of the manufacturer as I bought it as a solo piece from a friend.


  1. They look great. Perhaps you said the other day but I can't remember, did you make the walls or are they bought?

  2. The walls are ready made, well almost. They come in "build yourself a wall" pieces and are made out of resin. But keeping them in pieces just makes them slide around so I glued them together and put them on a wooden stick to make long sections instead :-)

  3. Cool, another great piece of terrain :D

  4. two questions:
    1) what do you use to shape your plasticard, and make the edges softer?
    2) Can you spray paint plasticard with primer? or will that mess it up?

  5. I use a sharp knife and carve the shape I want it to have. It does not need to push all the way through as you can "break off" the piece you carved if it was deep enough with little effort and without damaging the plasticard.
    And you can paint plasticard with primer without any problem :-)

  6. how do you smooth the edges of the card? what do you use to do that?

    ps thank you so much for the help! I have been looking for something easy and nice to use as bases for things such as woods etc


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