06 October 2011

Crystal Gem markers from EM4

These small crystal gems, made out of plastic are perfect for marking and keeping track of various conditions during a miniature wargame. They are being sold in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and in a mixed container featuring all colors.

I bought the Green, Yellow and Red because I figured most games usually feature 1-3 important unit conditions. "Activated" and positive/negative modifiers. So I use the yellow markers in games like Malifaux to keep track of which model has been activated, and place a green marker next to models that are currently affected by some sort of positive boost from friendly models and red to keep track of which models are affected by enemy powers.

These crystals could likewise be used for Flames of War to keep track of activated units with the Green Gems, to keep track of pinned down units with the Yellow gems and keep track of units that have dropped below 50% strength with red gems.

For games like Secrets of the Third Reich I would again use the Green to mark activated units, Yellow to mark units that are suppressed and use the Red gems to keep track of the Disorganized units.

Applying the same system to Strange Aeons and Blood Bowl, Green gem to mark an activated model, yellow to mark if they are knocked down and "face up", and red to mark if they are knocked down and "face down".

For most games you pretty much only need 3 colors. These markers can also be used as Soul Stones in Malifaux.

The containers are small but include a lot of gems (they come full I just tapped them a little to have a container with mixed gems), they are also very affordable as most things that come from EM4.

I got mine through Kulturkommissariatet, they can be found in the "markers" category of their store. Just click the banner below.


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