03 October 2011

Freikorps vs Rasputina and her ice minions

Another game I had not played in a good while is Malifaux, so I made sure to make the most out of the weekend and followed up the FoW game with some Malifaux during Sunday. My friend Daniel came over so we could try out the new terrain, he also wanted to try out a new configuration for his Arcanist crew. Rasputina leading ice/snow monster minions only.

35 Sould Stones per side.

Von Schill
3x Freikorpsmen
2x Trapper
1x Librarian
1x Specialist with flamethrower
3 Soul stones in reserve

Strategy: "Destroy the evidence" (interact with 3 objective markers in and near the enemy deployment zone)

Schemes: "Body Guard -> Von Schill", "Stake a claim-> House with Red Roof"

Rasputina with her "Essence of power" totem
3x Ice Gamin
1x Ice Golem
1x Snow storm
5 Soul stones in reserve

Strategy: "Plant evidence" (ironically). Arcanists had to interact with terrain features on my half of the table to drop evidence against me.

Schemes: "Body Guard-> Rasputina", "Assassinate-> Von Schill"


I forgot to deploy my Trappers outside my own deployment zone, didn't matter that much as I got into position during their first turn anyway. Quickly moving up with my Trappers to the left so I could fire at the incoming Golem and Snow Storm which were my main concern, I then moved the rest of my crew to occupy the center of the cemetery.

Knowing that Rasputina could use her minions to reflect her spells allowing her to cast them further I decided to waste no time in dealing with the first little Ice Gamin bugger that ran up towards me, quickly disposing it with high end cards and soul stones Von Schill made short work off it. The Snow storm minion took a patch around the back of the green house so I used both my Trappers to fire at the Ice Golem instead. Got to love those +1 card to damage against beasts and constructs with these guys! I picked off 6 wounds before emerging with my Specialist and used the flamethrower (which ignores armor!) to finish the job.

Rasputina used her magic to kill one of my trappers and the Ice Gamins moving in from the right attacked my Freikorpsmen with their ranged attacks so I had to move into base contact with them to prevent their mischievous behavior. This locked the remaining two Arcanist models on the right flank with my own 2 units on the right flank.

Running away with my last Trapper the Snow Storm was left without any decent target until I jumped into close combat range off Rasputina with Von Schill and had my remaining Freikorpsman run up to join the fight. The Freikorps Librarian and Specialist were left behind to watch. Von Schill and the Freikorpsman threw punches at the enemy master but were hampered by their low (1) minimum damage inflicted from their knifes. Rasputina took the cuts but started to heal herself by disposing spare soul stones making for a ridicilous standoff. The Snow storm turned around and moved towards the closecombat and knowing the potential of that monster I decided to use my Specialist to stop it. Moving up with my specialist I detonated the fuel tanks but failed to harm the snow storm, and the damage inflicted on Rasputina with the fiery blast was soon healed back up by her soul stones.

As the Freikorpsman and Von Schill hacked away at Rasputina with low efficiency the Snow storm readied a charge but flipped a Black Joker when it tried to pull off an attack and had to end its activation. Meanwhile on the right flank one Freikorpsman and one Ice Gamin bit the dust in the two close combats being fought. The remaining Ice Gamin being only slightly wounded but he got killed by a well placed bullet from the other  Freikorpsman who flipped a "severe damage" result shattering the icy minion. Then proceeding to destroy the evidence marker nearby. On the left flank the remaining Freikorps trapper moved around the Snow Storm and destroyed the second evidence marker while the Librarian moved up behind the brawl and threw some healing magic at the Freikorpsman being attacked by Rasputina.

As the snow storm took a punch, and the remaining Freikorpsmen moved in on the flanks, Rasputina decided it would be best to flee and fight another day. There was simply no way for the Arcanists to pull off a victory at this point as I could easily destroy the last piece of evidence and claim the house with the red roof.

Next Malifaux game I will play my old Resurrectionists again as I've played the Freikorps 4-5 times in a row now. The Freikorps are really a great bunch with a nice variety in abilities and skills able to tackle pretty much any kind of enemy. But I miss having a large horde of shambling corpses at my disposal :-D


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