22 October 2011

Gladiator arena fighting pit done

Painted the fighting pit and so the basic level of the arena is done. Now I'm just waiting for some miniatures to arrive before I can throw some battles and write the review of the "Gladiator" rulebook.

I ended up painting everything outside of the pit in white, the original idea of having the edges on the outside to be black ended up unpractical so I just painted it in the same indoor paint as the top surface. Besides, when I build the second layer modules I will paint them white as well to make them blend in with the outside as well, will probably look better.

The walls of the arena ended up being painted in terracotta brownish red color, I'm pretty pleased with the color of the sand which was my main concern as I didn't want it to be yellow/white but neither looking like earth. The doors were a pain in the ass to paint, but that was to be expected and something I had taken into account when building and painting everything up to the point of doing the doors. Finished everything with a drybrush of Khemri brown along the doorways and lower portion of the inner wall.


  1. Very nice needs some lions and tigers in there :o)

  2. Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my!
    Great looking work! Should try to make some colums with cake toppers and some brick work on top now.

  3. Very nice mate - love it. Gotta get off my butt and make one too!!!

  4. @Paul, go ahead - the fighting pit level isn't that complicated. It is really the upper floor with the audience stands that is the tricky part.


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