31 October 2011

Gladiator: Champion of the arena "Pallas"

Painted up my converted giant Gladiator, pretty pleased with how he turned out. I will have a lot of regular gladiators and a couple of named "Champions of the arena" - this will be one of them. Named him "Pallas" as it refers to a greek mythoogy titan (Pallas was perhaps the Titan-god of warcraft. His name was thought to derive from the word pallô, meaning "to wield or brandish a spear.").

The conversion is based upon this model "Necropolis Ghast" , the spear is made out of a thin metal rod and plastic arrow head for a tip. Shield is from Warlord Games plastic romans and chainmail sleeve is made out of greenstuff. I will post a custom profile that will go along with the WH:H Gladiator rules soon.


  1. That is totally sweet - a real barbarian gladiator if ever there was one!

  2. Very nice job. This is one mean and determined looking giant. But he may be slow of mind, and susceptible to verbal harassment: befuddle his grey-matter with slurs and get a good slash and stab into the right place.


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