28 October 2011

Gladiator: Retiarius and Myrmillo

The Retiarius is a special "helmeted version" and not the usual kind. Its profile is in the Gladiator book as well, you might have seen this guy in the Ridley Scott "Gladiator" movie in one of the early fight scenes where Maximus and Juba are chained together. Anyways, the model came without a net so I made one from mosquito net dipped in PVA glue mixed with Devlan mud. The Retiarius had pretty large "eye sockets" on his mask so I did actually paint eyes on him as well, which can't really be seen on these pictures unless you look really hard on the closeups.

The Myrmillo is another favorite, this one is pretty bulky and imposing. The blister had 3 Myrmillo gladiators, each being differently armored so I think it is supposed to be one of those "novice, veteran, champion" deals where you can represent the status of your character with a different model.

I also had this Reaper miniatures "ghoul" which was intended to be used for Strange Aeons. But I got this crazy idea to convert him into a giant pissed off barbarian monster armed with spear and Roman Scutum shield. Also added a chainmail sleeve to his weapon arm and some leather strapping to his "advancing" leg. Rules for this one will be custom, but it will be a "champion" profile/boss fight.


  1. Very nice work, Sir. I am waiting to see the giant's conversion and colors.

  2. Fantastic. This is a very interesting theme. The entire ruleset seems a little complex for me, but the theme is great.

  3. Thanks guys, I really look forward to paint the giant Gladiator myself :-)

  4. Looking good, you do great work Anatoli


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