25 October 2011

Gladiator: Secutor and Cruppellarius

Received my Crusader Miniatures order yesterday, fantastic Gladiator sculpts and great castings. They are slightly larger than Warlord Games Romans, but if you take into consideration the Romans weren't that tall, and these are tall barbarians it makes sense.

Started painting a few models for the upcoming review of the Gladiator rules, figured I would paint up a very heavy Gladiator "Cruppellarius" and two heavy Gladiators of which the "Secutor" were finished last night. Will paint up the "Myrmillo" later this evening.

Short info on these two, the Cruppellarius is a really well armored slow moving "tank". Very hard to wound due to the plate armor and adding a shield to that. In the game, as in real life, if he falls over he isn't able to stand back up on his feet again.The Secutor is armed and armored pretty much like the Myrmillo Gladiators, but his helmet is the biggest difference. It has two small eye slits and has rounded shapes since this type of Gladiator often fought against the "Retinarius" , the Gladiator class armed with trident and fishnet. The small eyeslits were to protect the face against the trident, and the helmet was designed to make the net not entangle as easily.

The bases are made out of small "chips" that I have split in half. They were dirt cheap, 10SEK for 25, which will become 50 bases (not that I will need that many but still). I really wanted the models as close to ground as possible for this game.


  1. Very nice photos of "fight" in the arena:) Like movie stills:)

  2. Nice arena and great looking figures

  3. Amazing looking figures. Gladiators are a cool theme. I really like the look of the Cruppellarius.

  4. Intresting stuff. i may have to look out for this system.

  5. Awesome buddy - great paintjobs as usual!

  6. Very nicely done! Like the colored sleeve of the Secutor very much.



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