07 October 2011

Grumpy professor

One last model painted for my friend Thomas as a repayment for the roads. Picked this model up last week during our FoW game and figured I would paint it up before the weekend as I'm going to play FoW with him again tomorrow so it will be a good opportunity to drop it off.

I left it without matt varnish as Thomas has matt varnish of his own which he applies with an airbrush. I hope that he will post all 4 models , with matt varnish, on his own blog soon so that the full amount of work is shown better.

The miniature is from Artizan Design.

I wanted to paint him completely different from any other paintjob I had seen. Thus I painted him with shades of black/grey and vibrant red so that he could pass for either a villain or a dandy.


  1. Really great paint job, love how different it looks to other painted versions I have seen of this figure.

  2. its awesome as always. thanks mate!

  3. Quality detailing in the painting, good skills my friend...


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