17 October 2011

New stuff from Uncle Mike's

Got a goodie bag from Uncle Mike's this weekend with the convention Strange Aeons demo in mind. And expect to see most of these new additions on the demo table during SydCon.

Further details about the demo scenario and character sheets will be posted on the blog this coming weekend if all goes well. The main idea is to use the scenario "The Bad place" and adapt it to a larger playing area (4x4' table) and add a couple of twists.

First out the miniatures, a zombie dog, a fat zombie and the ancient warrior (native American zombie) and the Ghoul king. The fat zombie is apparently included with all orders this month. Probably the miniature that caught my eye the most when opening the pack.

Also included, gravestones from the "Grave markers" blister and these awesome chained coffins. And speaking of the coffins, the detail is really crisp on these, and no flash at all! The coffins are the same type that are included in the "Mausoleum" pack.

As I already had 3 zombie dogs I figured I would greenstuff this new dog and make it an "animal companion/attack dog" since I have yet to try out the rules for dogs. And as I had a bit of green stuff left from fixing the dog I greenstuffed one of the gravestones with a "parasite growth".
I actually managed to paint most of this stuff during the weekend, so check in again tomorrow for some painted models :-)

Also released this month were the Mad scientist blister that also includes the Mad scientist , a hilarious hunchback servant and the crazy looking ...well... maniac.

So check out Uncle Mike's site!


  1. I like the Uncle Mike figures but generally I find them quite big for 28mm, I have the Mad Scientist painted up but have put off painting the other figure (a vicar I think) as he is huge for 28mm, nice sculpting though.

  2. Yes they are slightly larger than most 28mm ranges. I tend to favor the monsters as you can get away with having those being larger than humans.

  3. Damm you!!!! Your getting me interested in another mini game! Legends of the Old West was fine, it was close enough to Warhammer I could sucker some people into playing. This is really in my realm in of interest as I was always a fan of Lovecraft.

    I may try it in the future, they have some good deals, I just have to find some money. Hobby cash flow is really dry right now sad to say.


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