15 October 2011

Polish armored train on tracks

Fellow FoW gamer and friend Peter donated me his old train tracks from the German manufacturer "Fleischmann". The tracks are four pieces each being 40cm/16" so long enough to make it across the table. They are also flexible so you can create gentle curves if needed.

These tracks are also slightly wider meaning that the train wheels will travel on the inside of the tracks rather than on them. It is not something that you will notice when you play, and you will have to look quite closely at a low angle to see this. In my opinion this is just fine, especially when the train becomes more stable standing "lodged" into the train tracks.

So expect the train to be included in the next fight against the Germans :-)

Armored train in the carpathian region/southern sector.


The train tracks from "Fleischmann"


  1. that looks amazing! im looking forward getting my arsch handed to me playing against that:)

  2. Looking good.Now you can recreate battle of Mokra:)

  3. @Rempage, exactly the battle I'm thinking of using the train for. I will have to proxy dismoutned cavalry with regular infantry but it should work out.

    @Widgren, just let me know when you can play :-D

  4. That is a great and nicely painted train. It looks cool when placed on the train tracks.


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