05 October 2011

Roads finished at last

My friend Thomas made some great looking road modules last month in exchange for some painting services, then school and a cold came in the way but yesterday I went to the hardware store and finally bought the brown paint I needed to paint these roads and finish this part of my demo table project. I gave Thomas a drawing of a 4x4' table and a Y shaped road running from edge to edge, Thomas ended up making twice as many road pieces as I had intended so I now have roads enough to cover a 6x4 table and have some really nice variation when setting up on a smaller area.

The roads themselves are based on some sort of very hard but relatively thin wood, evenly cut with some machine Thomas has at home. So all bends and straights are exactly the same wide measure. The top had been prepped with plaster and the sides with sand.

So the first thing I did was to paint the sanded sides with PVA glue for two reasons. First of all to keep the sand in place, and second to make the surface of the sand area smoother which would reduce the wear and tear of the paint.

The road is painted with indoor paint, the kind you use to paint walls mixed with some acryllics bought in larger sized container. Basecoated with the brown paint, then added some yellow and green acrylics and mixed in some white.

When dry I mixed some dark brown and black acrylic paint with water and using a large brush I "washed" the entire surface of the road to darken it so it would match the brooding look of the rest of the table.

The edges were covered in PVA glue and sprinkled with my Woodland scenics Earth/Soil turf mix and once dry that area was covered with a watered down PVA solution just like the gaming surface of my new table. To make the turf stay in place and have a crisp surface to it.

Left to do is to repaint the remaining 3 ESLO buildings and create a few small line of sight obstacles made out of trees/rocks/fences etc. after which this terrain project should be fairly finished.

Sorry if the photos are a bit dodgy this time around, I had some problems with my image editing which was fixed today, but the photos had already been processed.


  1. Look great, makes me want to ask my father when I go home for Thanksgiving if he could cut something similar if I drew up the plans. He loves to work with wood.


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