30 October 2011

Speed improvement on the blog?

Let me know if you think the blog loads faster. Got an email from a reader, Scott S. who provided me with a jpeg version of my background picture. Can't believe I had run with the png 4mb version for over a year without thinking about it (though I do have a fast broadband connection).

Anyway, the new picture is but a fraction of the original size so the page should load faster. If so let me know. I'm also looking into how to stretch the background to make it a single picture instead of a "tiled format" and make it scroll along with the page as  the current look has been bugging me a lot. But I'm a complete CSS noob which makes finding the parameters and apply the tweaks so that it will work for all browsers hard for me.

Anyways, thanks for the smaller sized version of my background Scott :-)


  1. It does load a bit faster. I am still trying to figure out how to post a banner image with the URL onto my blog and how to adjust the center of the slideshow to the middle of the page.

  2. I find it loads a bit faster as well.

    Customizing a blog and not really being versed in HTML or CSS makes it quite problematic. I remember I spent a whole day figuring stuff out with the help of numerous online tutorials just to get the basics.

  3. I just increased the size of my backgrounds in MSPaint and then customised my template by adding it as a new background image. As long as the file size is 300k or less, the dimensions won't matter.

    I'm guessing 150% increase will be sufficient for your needs.

    The process is straightforward and forgiving, just don't choose save until you're sure you're happy.

  4. Happy to help!

    I have a similar problem with broadband at home: Comcast has really fast 'down' speed to your computer, but slow 'up' speed.

    At work we have a T1, which has much slower down speed, but faster up speed.

    If you have access to a Mac, you can toggle 'Activity' from the Safari menu, which shows a list of all the 'pieces' that get loaded with your page. It's a quick tool for finding out what's really big and chunky.

    I use Chrome on Linux at home, so right clicking on a part of the page allows the 'Inspect Element' command to bring up a mini panel with information that can also help diagnose things.

  5. I live in the back of beyond with super slow broadband so the site loads much quicker for me now. Cheers .

  6. Unfortunately for me and my older computer (or Internet connection) your wonderful blog site remains a tarpit that I must continue to avoid.

    Although I believe most of the problem rests with my side, the only suggestion I would make is to reduce the number of posts that display on your front page. Viewing your site one post at a time has had mixed results.

    Like you I have a good number of pics in each of my blog posts and originally was displaying 7 posts at a time. When things started to drag a bit, I reduced it down to 5 and it made of world of difference.


  7. Der Feldmarschall, would it not also be the length and amount of pictures per entry making a difference? I'm ready to reduce the number of posts per page, but the picture content in each post is varied with 6-10 pictures in some posts and 40+ in others.

    Anwyay, I changed it to 5 posts per page now. Hope this will help.


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