19 October 2011

Strange Aeons chained coffins and tombstones

Chained coffins and some tombstones from Uncle MIke's to fill out my graveyard. I mounted the tombstones on 2mm thick plasticard. The chained coffins have a flat back not shown on the pictures, so they are not textured all the way around. They will be used as terrain/obstacles in the demo scenario.
The "growth" on the RIP tombstone is made from some excess greenstuff and not part of the original sculpt.

I also just finished writing the scenario and character sheets for the demo, hope to get those laminated as double sided A4 sized reference sheets to speed up. I may post that tomorrow so you guys can check it out. I tried to come up with a dynamic custom scenario with some additional rules and a secondary objective for those brave (or foolish) enough to attempt it. It should be easy enough for beginners and introduce some of the perks of this game. Should be lots of fun.


  1. I'm so wanting to get involved with Strange Aeons. Things just aren't working out.

    Love the terrain and work you are doing on the models. I just need to save and get involved.

  2. @ranolan, Strange Aeons really is a "terrain game". You can get away with 3-4 models per side, but it relies on nice terrain to tell the story.

    It is also a game where the good guys only need a handful of models to be represented, while you would want a whole gallery of evil creatures, monsters and bad guys to make up the opposition.

    This makes it different from any other game I own, and in some ways it keeps the "collecting" part fresh as you are allowed to buy pretty much any cool monster miniature and paint it up for this game :-)

  3. Looking good! Yea, I am in the same boat of wanting to get into it, just money has been lacking. Already thought of cool scenery and games that can be played.


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