20 October 2011

Strange Aeons scenario/character sheets for demo

Thought I would share how the scenario and character sheets for the upcoming Strange Aeons demo will look like. They are presented at 70% of their size if the text seems small.
The idea was to have the profiles of all models and their skills/weapons used in the game explained on these sheets so that rulebook reference would be minimal. And to keep things even simpler I added pictures of each character/unit as well. They will be double sided, with the Lurker sheets being in one laminated piece, and the scenario description and Threshold sheet in another.

The scenario will be played on a 4x4 table but a small area will be reserved for the "basement" which holds the secondary objective. Most of the table will be the hamlet of "Dudleytown" with roaming zombies, while the main concern of the Threshold team will be to get from the riverbank to the cemetery, kill the cult and if things go smoothly grab the Necronomicon from the basement - after which they should return to the riverbank and embark on the "Sturdy Wench" river boat.

The Lurker will be allowed special control over the zombies, enabling activation of all zombies anywhere on the table so that they can make their way slowly towards the river boat or the cemetery to block the escape route once the cultists are dead.

Whatever monster that is generated in the basement needs to be defeated before the Threshold team can pick up the Necronomicon, I've made that a 1D4 random encounter to make repeated plays a bit varied.


  1. Love the concept and layout! Sounds like you have a great demo to put on the table.

    Reminds me of the old AD&D days where a buddy of mine and I would run an RPG as cons, it was great. He was a graphic designer so he had all these great cards done with artwork, painted figures (pro painted level) and a battle mat with clear sheets with maps he could drop in an instant to see a room and could draw on it with a dry erase marker. I was the assist GM that helped with character interaction parts with multiple NPCs and such....amazing fun, we had great feedback from any con we went to.

    Where did you get the clockwork figure from? I really like that. When I get into Strange Aeons that is a figure I would like to add to the collection.

  2. Sounds like good times, I really like games where you can craft and evolve your own characters, makes things a lot more involving imo.

    The clockwork robot is from Reaper, I think it is called "Jeeves Clockwork Robot" or something like that. From the "Chronoscope" range they have.

    Found it http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/latest/50063

    You can see how I painted it here:

  3. cool, going to add that to the shopping list. Do you plan to run a 1 on 1 player game or multiplayer and divide up the figures among the players?

  4. Depends on how many people will want to try the game at the same time. My idea is to control the Lurker side and let testing players have a go with the Threshold team. So the Threshold team could be divided between 2-3 players if needed.

  5. Could anyone with "Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem vol.1" contact me on this Email: brian.bergh@hotmail.com

    Have a few questions..


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