17 October 2011

Super exciting news from Forged in Battle

Received an email today with information on planned additions to the Polish Early War range. I've been harassing them with question emails and although no release schedule was mentioned - Forged in Battle are planning to release: Mounted and dismounted cavalry in both Czapka and Adrian Helmets AND the 10th Motorized brigade!!

Now I can't describe how relieved and happy I am that I didn't order the French as proxy dismounted cavalry! And 10th Motorized Cavalry brigade, in the quality of FiB sculpts? How awesome is that!


  1. this is awesome news! FiB is the best producer of 15mm in my opinion. if you are looking for a cheap alternative to battlefronts bases have a look at sarissa precissions webshop. the make them the right size but the edges arent beveled.


    ihave ordered a pack of these just to have a look and see if they are any good.

  2. I recently bought another pack of mixed bases, but it always feels like a ripoff. I'll be very interested to see those bases you ordered, might get some for my vehicles at least :-)


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