27 October 2011

Tucker and Dale vs Evil review

Haven't laughed so much and so hard at a movie and even more so at a "comedy" in ages. These days comedies are pretty much composed of 4-5 jokes that are used for the trailer while the rest of the movie sucks (I'm looking at you "Your Highness").

This movie is nothing but hilarious. It's about two hillbillies, Tucker and Dale, who have bought a vacation home up in the mountains and are going up there to fix it up, at the same time we have a group of young people going up the same mountains to party. And after that a LOT of funny shit happens that I won't spoil because every moment is gold.

It was a very long time ago since a movie surprised me with its content, the premise of the movie is a comedy based upon situations and stereotypes occurring in real horror movies.
Like the stupid teens partying, the outback degenerate hillbillies and over the top deaths. Fear not however, this movie is not even playing in the same league as the shitty "Scary movie" franchise which just rips famous scenes from horror movies and is made up of silly sketches, "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" is a much more superior story and comedy on all accounts. It really does a great job at creating believable situations and reactions that will make you laugh your ass off.

I also find this movie a lot funnier than the more successful horror-comedies of this genre, like Shaun of the Dead (which I like) and Zombieland (which I don't like). Both of those movies had fun enough moments and plots but this movie is in my opinion a lot funnier.

If you are somewhat well versed in the horror movie clichés you will enjoy this movie even more, there are a lot of scenes that are subtle in origin (over the top in execution) which makes for a more enjoyable experience as you won't sit and think "oh that's from Saw, and that's from I know what you did last summer, etc". And those very few "on the nose" moments are so iconic that there can be no mistake from which movie they are taken are still so well made and damn funny that it doesn't matter.

The movie slows down a little towards the very end, but overall this is the best comedy I've seen in a good while. I might actually consider this better and more clever than "Horrible bosses".

9/10, see it!


  1. Sounds like I need to watch this...thanks for the heads up.

  2. This a DVD or theatre? Sounds like something I would like.

  3. It's out on DVD http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tucker-Dale-vs-Evil-DVD/dp/B004NBY242

  4. Thanks for the review never heard of this will have to hunt it down and watch it.

  5. I saw this advertised and thought it looked funny, good to hear that it actually is! might just have to order this now.

  6. Yeah this is a really overlooked movie. I saw the trailer on youtube while watching something else and thought it looked funny (actually laughed hard at it). I had not heard about the movie before either, from what I've learned this is something of a "low budget indie movie" - which makes sense. It is far to clever and funny (and weird) to be a studio release.

  7. One of the better movies I've seen in a while, I can only agree with the praise Anatoli gave already.


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