15 November 2011

54mm Bohdan Khmelnytsky WIP 2

Finished painting the skin and the hat (except for the metal pin). I googled for good reference pictures of Khmelnytsky to help me decide what color his tunic would be painted in. Most paintings depict him in either a red or a blue tunic with gold trimmings. The blue would have been a better idea for greater contrast since the coat will be red with black fur. However I found a cool picture of him wearing a red tunic with golden embroideries covering it in a intricate manner - so I will try to paint it just like that for a greater challenge and hopefully a more interesting end result.

The ironic thing about 54mm miniatures is that you would think that the eyes are much easier to paint than on 25-28mm miniatures. That is not true, eyes are actually quite a paint on larger models, the slightest mistake (and we are speaking about a 1/10th mm stroke) will make the eye look weird and the whole face will look completely off.

I also love the central and eastern European Renaissance fashion, I think it has a lot more character and simply looks "cooler" than the western fashion during this era. Cool hats with fur trimmings and feather decorations, heavy coats made out of animal furs.


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