01 November 2011

Arkham Horror dice set review

To enhance the gaming experience of my Strange Aeons and Arkham Horror boardgame sessions, (and because I was getting sick of my old Games Workshop dice that seem to hate me for not playing GW games and punish me by constantly rolling 1's  and 2's), I bought a pack of these engraved dice from Q-Workshop through Maelstrom Games as I had a bit on my "money back" account.

These dice are produced under Fantasy Flight Games license, and come in bone white with black numbers or black with green numbers. I prefer these as the black one's were hard to read quickly enough.

Dimensions are 15mm diameter so they are not as big as they might appear on the store pictures.

The engraving is nice and thematic, it has a "elder sign" engraved on number 5 and 6 since those are the default results when you roll "successes" in the Arkham Horror boardgame. These pack seem to be rather well balanced from my limited experience with them. Better than the original dice that come with Arkham Horror anyway.

The cardboard pack has a small compartment - for additional cards I presume. You can never have too much room for extra cards in Arkham Horror and this might be a nice place to store all those rare cards from the expansions that you use infrequently and don't want to mix with the other decks (certain spells, membership cards etc).

The price for these over at Maelstrom £7.19 so not cheap, but I still think they are kind of worth it. Maybe even more for Strange Aeons where you rarely need more than 5 dice at any single point (In Arkham Horror you can max out to around 12 dice at some occasions). Not much more to tell.

I liked the look of them well enough to buy a single pack. There are tons of similar dice over at Q-Workshop (in all formats from D4 to D20) with all kinds of theme's. So if these look interesting but does not fit in with your particular game you can take a look at the Q-Workshop site (Polish store but it is in English as well) to see if you find anything to your liking and that fits the theme of your game.


  1. I have a set of these D6s too - nice!

  2. They are very COC or fitting for Strange Aeons. While a tad expensive, they it appears you don't need a huge pile of dice to play anyway which to me makes having a nice looking set of dice a plus.


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