10 November 2011

Excellent site with free streamed documentaries

A while back I found a great site that is streaming hundreds of documentaries about history, warfare, science etc. Basically the site is a hub for streamed documentaries on the internet that have been posted all over the place. This site has divided the documentaries into categories and alphabetical order as well as subcategories such as WW1, Napoleonics, WW2, Boer War among others.

What is even more exciting is that it has complete shows such as Battlefield, The First World War and The World At War listed and streamed. It also features Britain and America as two large categories of their own, which include stuff on the War of Independence, US Civil War and founding of Britain. Many of the documentaries have previously been shown on Discovery Channel back in the days when it was still a good source for military history documentaries.

So check it out! http://www.docuwat.ch/watch-documentaries/


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