21 November 2011

Gladiator: Heavy vs Light team fight

This weekend I also managed to introduce the Gladiator miniature game, allowing 2 newbie players to fight it out while I kept to helping out with the rules. We used the tweaked house rule version of the Gladiator rule that I had written.

The game was played twice, with the players switching sides after the first introduction battle where they learned most of the rules. Game 2 was more fluid and fastpaced.

The heavy team was made up of a Myrmillo and a Secutor, while the light team was made up of a Retiarius and a Diamachaerus. Both teams were at Tyro (novice level).

This is a short summary of the second fight which proved to be quite intense.

The fight starts and both teams approach each other, the heavy team being a bit more cautious due to the lessons learned in previous fight about the treacherous combination of net and trident wielded by the Retiarius. The Diamachearus also proved to be a fighting machine who could hold his ground on his own. The heavy team tried to gang up on the Diamachearus to even out the odds.

Meanwhile the Retiarious circled the fight and attacked the Secutor with the net, managing to entangle the enemy Gladiator severly. Not being able to do anything  the Secutor was brutally dispatched by two well placed blows to the chest and upper leg. The audience still gave him the "thumbs up" and he left the arena alive, leaving the Myrmillo to fight a very unbalanced fight.

Being hard pressed by the double attacks from the Diamachearus while being attacked by the Retiarius net the Myrmillo fought against crazy odds. Beating the entanglement, freeing himself, counterattacking and tacking hits to protected areas of his body thus surviving. The Myrmillo slashed up one of the arms of his dual wielding opponent, then taking one stab to the chest but failed to wound! Both fighters broke apart for a moment, before the Myrmillo took the initiative and rushed up to finish off the Diamachearus. This second fallen gladiator too received the "thumbs up".

Now the Retiarius started to panic a little and resorted to a hit and run tactic, moving away from the Myrmillo while throwing the net at his opponent. This led to a chase which ended in the Retiarius becoming cornered and once the Myrmillo won initiative he rushed up and locked the opponent in place. Winning the fight and having his opponent caught in a tight spot the Myrmillo inflicted double attacks, managing to smash apart the Retiarius helmet. Not giving up so easily the Retiarius broke away soon after and stabbed the Myrmillo in the leg with the trident, also inflicting one wound.

Losing momentum, the Retiarius was once again caught in a bad spot and the Myrmillo dealt a final blow which dropped his opponent to the cheering of the crowd. Furthermore, perhaps due to his cowardly tactics, the audience gave the Retiarius a "thumbs down" which ended the battle with the only true kill, marking the end of a underdog struggle turned into unlikely victory. Both the Secutor and the Diamachearus recovered from their wounds without complications in the final phase of the game.


  1. Great post! Looking forward to buying some minis now that I have my copy of the book.

    What is the dimensions of the arena you built? I am going to build a frame for mine with a handle to carry and drop foam down and cut out the circle. I didn't want to make it too small or big.

    I found only one blog that a guy gave his parts list and such that was amazing. Now I can't find it! Ugh!

  2. Nice post, love the blood counters. Nice Arena as well, are you going to put in stands?

  3. @ Styx Thanks, the square board that makes the arena is 23x23" while the circle is 20" in diameter.

    @ Rob, yep thats the plan, but they will be separate modules as I don't want to have too much stuff in the way when playing and to make transport a bit easier.

  4. Great game report, sounds like a fun game system.

  5. That does it.
    I've been trying to keep away from yet another game system but this last post of yours utterly cutted down my last efforts for resistance.
    The book is already ordered and now I just have to start thinking about minis...
    Just for the record, I'm blaming it on you!



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