13 November 2011

Gladiator: Provocator

Based upon the early soldiers of the Roman Empire this gladiator was armed with a bell shaped helmet, large scutum shield, Gladius and a bronze chestplate. At first I thought these type of Gladiators looked rather silly but they kind of grew on me. 

I used a Warlord Games transfer for the shield, a test before I start painting some Warlord Games Roman "guards". Thanks to Nils over at the Swedish LittleWarsForum for providing me with extra plastic shields and transfers when I bought the Romans from him. Got to use the extra shields for a few gladiators as well :-)

At this point the Provocator was the last undercoated model I had left to paint. I will clean and undercoat the next batch of Gladiators very soon. Focus will be on painting up a couple of ranged weapon class Gladiators to make the games a bit more dynamic in team combat.
Ah, there had been discussion on the blog and on some forums earlier about the short legs on the CrusaderMiniatures Gladiators. I can't wrap my head around this issue, since the Provocator is quite "leggy" and have realistic proportions. This may prompt a closer look and maybe some sort of review of the remaining blisters I have piled up.


  1. Nice paint job. Viewing your growing collection of gladiators is working on me to paint up a bunch of Foundry glads that I've had tucked away in a drawer.

  2. Very nice, this one is also one of my painted up favs.

  3. Thanks, I saw a painting of a Provocator wielding a spear and thought it looked badass. I might just convert the other one I have yet to prep for painting.

  4. Nice work, that sheild really makes him.


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