03 November 2011

New Polish Early War stuff from Forged in Battle!

Saw the "Coming soon" picture over at Forged in Battle and hiding among the new releases were the Polish mounted and dismounted cavalry! So I emailed them and asked for larger pictures :-)

More stuff is said to be on the way, like cavalry in Adrian helmets and the 10th Motorized cavalry brigade. I'm super excited for the dismounted cavalry in particular - I just love the "Czapka" hats, it really makes them look unique and the reason I prefer to play Early War Poles over them serving in Allied or Soviet uniforms.

No release date on these yet, but just knowing they are going to release miniatures for the remaining 2 Polish army organizations in the Blitzkrieg book is enough to soothe me. Until then I will be setting aside some cash.


  1. they look great! im looking forward to fight them! i think ill have to get some of them too:)
    i think that FiB have the best sculpters and casters in the 15mm industry. their researchers could do a better job but the minis look great.

  2. To wspaniałe wieści na Polaków ! :)

  3. "czapka" hats is langue mistake . czapka in polish langue means cap. Cavalery wears "rogatywka" as you write in september campingan not czapka hat ^^

  4. Of course, as I too often see the "czapka" being the description I must have been tired enough that day to write it that way myself :-)

  5. Excellent stuff!

    I have spent the day moaning about Battlefront's terrible organisation of their dismounted Cavalry pack, and now I see these to solve all my dismounted cavalry needs. (just get 'em to release some proper sized Cavalry operated HMGs and AT guns - or at least the crew).

    shame they cave the mounted ones lances (pet hate) but have spent long enough chopping and filing the lances of the bf ones to be OK there.

    just hope they release them before Crimbo, or early in the year.

  6. http://www.forgedinbattle.com/product_info.php?products_id=164&osCsid=4f3bcb86b845e88144cda86c569989f3

    So it's realased now but don't look as good as i wish. almostly every figure looks the same ...

  7. Damn, and all have the lance :-(

    I'll probably email them and as if they will have a saberswinging version.

  8. Got an answer this evening from Forged in Battle, they have cavalry in adrian helmets with sabers up next :-)

    Will post the news on the blog on friday.


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