16 November 2011

Strange Aeons atmospheric picture contest

This is the first "Anatoli's Game Room contest" being held though I've had plans for something like this since before the summer. This contest is about posting the most atmospheric picture, it has to depict a scene connected to the Strange Aeons miniature game. Be it a diorama, cool setup or ongoing game.

How to rules:

1) To take part in this competition you simply have to email me a picture of good quality (at least 800x600 pixels and not shaky). Only 1 picture per entrant.

2) Your picture must contain at least 1 "Lurker" from the Strange Aeons rulebook or expansions represented by a proper miniature from the Uncle Mike's range to be a valid entry. You are free to include as many models as you like though.

3) All models in the picture must be painted, and you are required to include some sort of terrain. A blank piece of paper or fully photoshopped background do not count. You are however allowed to tweak with the picture in photoshop to make it more atmospheric.

4) Winner will be picked by me and announced two weeks from today, on November 30th. The winning picture along with all the others who entered will be posted here on the blog.

5) The picture can depict anything from vikings, napoleonics or any other period or setting mixed up with Lovecraftian madness. Use your imagination and resources to max out the "wow" factor.

E-mail your competition entry to "alexanderkawczynski@hotmail.com" and put "Contest picture"  in the title. Don't forget to submit your address!

The prize awarded to the winner is this unique limited run (no longer produced or sold) Frothers UK! sculpt of a grandfather clock inhabited by some sort of monster dragging some hapless victim inside. It was part of one of the Miniatures of Madness sculpting competition winners and part of a pack I bought earlier this year. It is made of white metal, and comes as seen on the pictures.

The piece is 28mm scale.

You can also look at the examples provided below of what would constitute an "atmospheric picture".

Good luck :-)


  1. Oh man, that is a sweet prize! I am a sad panda! With the holidays inbound all my money is has gone poof. I would not have time to paint something if I could place an order. I hoped to save up to buy the rules and extra books for the bonus stuff.

  2. Although the prize doesn't appeal too much for me I think the contest itself sounds really fun and if I had some more time I so would've tried doing something. Oh well, maybe next time, a great contest idea at least Anatoli, make sure to post all entries for us afterward!

  3. I saw Strange Aeons was doing one also, you could paint something up and submit to both for double the chance at prizes!

  4. Dammit, I'm moving house in a fortnight, otherwise I'd be on this like a swarm of rats on a hapless Threshold Agent! Hope you get loads of great entries!


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