14 November 2011

TES V: Skyrim review (short version)

After being made aware of a few readers reacting with the same feelings towards my text on Skyrim that I felt towards Oblivion and Fallout 3 I took a second to write a shortened version of my impressions.

TES V: Skyrim

It's good. Buy it.


Jokes aside, I will implement some kind of "rated R"" warning when I write the occasional review where I simply cannot  describe something in a polite restrained manner. Because I will always express my true feelings and thoughts about a product, but this would allow those easily offended to stay clear from those particular blog entries. Those reviews will have their own separate category


  1. Why go to such lenghts for the "easily offended"?

    They should just close their doors, turn off their computers and hide below the covers.

    Keep up the honest reviews. This is your house after all.

  2. It is, and that is why I will keep that handful of reviews around. But it got me thinking about at least having some sort of "warning" and also putting them all in one place to make them both easier to find and easier to avoid. Being honest goes both ways, but I don't actively look for things to trash on my blog.

  3. My only real falt with the game is the big dead dragon that wont go away from outside my house!

    Great game!


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