31 December 2011

2011 in pictures, thanks, and predictions for 2012

This is a video compilation of 490pictures from the past year, a slice of what's been posted here between January 1st to December 30th 2011, with pictures of all the painted miniatures, commission painting, tutorials, reviews of books/PC games/boardgames, rule guides, games played, conventions, tournaments, terrain building projects and bunch of other stuff.

There is a short story behind the video, as I was putting it together in windows movie maker it refused to "publish" (render) saying I was missing a file. There were 491 pictures in the project, now how was I supposed to find which one was missing - none of the pictures seemed broken either in the timeline or the project folder. I think I sat for 30 minutes, going increasingly nuts over the problem, when I started trying to delete parts of the video and try to render it again. Nothing seemed to work. I did finally for some reason start to suspect either the first picture of my blog banner or the last pictures added - and indeed, for some reason the library had not accepted the blog banner (and yet it was visible and played in testing?). So adding the blog banner to the video library made it all work and rendering was made possible. 

I would also like to thank everyone subscribing to the blog, leaving comments or just checking out the content. It is crazy that it has been 21 months already since I started it. I did not really have any idea one way or the other how the blog would turn out, if I would be able to provide content on a steady basis, if anyone would read it etc. I admit that I do work my ass off to make the blog what it is, and it has become quite an integral part of my life. The work I put into this blog does pay off  - directly through the enthusiasm and interest of anyone who reads and comments either directly on the blog or on any of the forums where I'm registered and post some of my stuff - which in turn encourages me to create new material for the blog. And indirectly, as the size of the blog grows and the amount of readers increase I have been able to catch the interest of some manufacturers and sponsors and get a few things that I myself have been interested in but perhaps did not have the cash for (eternal curse of being a student and having to spend most of your money on ridiculous amounts of school literature here in Sweden).

Stuff that means the most to me however are things that happen on their own, like the email I got earlier this year from a reader who had abandoned wargaming but found inspiration to start anew, Battlefront reading my fan-made FoW campaign and not only posting a link on their site to my blog so that others could find and download the campaign for a good two weeks but also sending me the fantastic Polish train (which in all honesty I would never be able to afford in my current state) - and yesterday while we were playing boardgames down at the club a fellow gamer and blog reader came down and donated two incredibly cool books in Polish on the Polish armored train "Smialy" (Bold) - the exact same train that I have been painting up my Polish armored train from Battlefront as! And also another book with great amount of information on the Warsaw uprising of 1944. You can bet on both books being given a review next week. Thanks again for the books Axel!


Some predictions for 2012, which looks like a good year for wargaming. West Wind will release their delayed gothic horror "Empire of the dead" ruleset which should allow anyone with gothic horror miniatures to find yet another purpose for their models, Battlefront releasing version 3.0 of their rules and also giving away a free pocket version of the rules to anyone with an old rulebook (my hope is that the assault rules section have been cleaned up). Warlord Games keeps making new early war stuff for 28mm, I myself really look forward to the release of the Polish 7TP tank in 1:56. The rules for "By fire and sword" will be released in English in May. Forged in Battle have a bunch of early war releases in line for the Polish range which I really look forward to boosting my Polish army with, both cavalry and the 10th motorized cavalry company.

People at the club have (finally) picked up interest for "Strange Aeons" and just recently for "By fire and sword" so I hope to see an increase of Strange Aeons games played and really look forward to starting to play By fire and sword. There also seem to be a few lurking Secrets of the third Reich players in the area, and perhaps a more story oriented take on the game will rejuvenate things at the club.

Also hope to play more FoW: Early war scenarios from my September campaign book with my buddy Thomas and hopefully more Early War tournaments during the year hosted by Patrik who already talked about the next tournament during the previous one.

I have started planning for a smaller sized add-on for the campaign book and writing down ideas for both operations and standalone battles left out in the main campaign book. It is all just a matter of finding a large enough window from my school work to really focus on the project and get it done in one chunk.

There are also some uncertainties this year, I take my bachelors degree in criminology towards the summer, with some luck I will get a real job as well soon after. I'll have to start scouting my options in the local area in the spring. Whatever happens, the blog will still continue to exist, but for natural reasons the rate of posts would have to decrease at that point. I'm being quite realistic about the prospect of not having the seemingly large amount of spare time by then, so I will try to complete as many projects as possible before the summer. So with my Gladiator project almost complete, focus should be on completing my Polish FoW army and start and complete a Polish-Lithuanian army for "By fire and sword".

And Happy New Year!


  1. Great stuff. I enjoy reading every post. Have a great 2012.

  2. Happy New Year! and thanks for the output this year. Upwards and onwards for 2012!

  3. Anatoli - I am one of those who enjoys visiting your Blog and providing comments. I have really loved the variety of genres you delve into, and the wonderful standard of your painting and modelling. I am glad that you, like me, find that your blog helps your enthusiasm to get stuff done, and the comments of your fans to help you in return. Thanks for all the fun this year, looking forward to more now its 2012 (well it is here in Australia anyway!).

    You have some great stuff planned for 2012. I note that SOTR and Blood Bowl dont make your predictions list, but I hope that they appear in there somewhere!!!

    Good luck with the job hunting - you will discover one of the ironies of wargamers' lives: once you finally have the money to buy all the figures you want, you no longer have the time available to paint and play with them all :-)

    cheers and Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for your blog once again Anatoli, I dont comment but I read every day and its always interesting to see what you have to say.

    Happy new year!

  5. thank you for a nice read each day. i have looked inte the palintir and have seen a game of fow next week. im looking forward to play a straight forward game with objectives we both understand and play towards achieving.

    ill see you in the new year!

  6. @Widgren, sounds good to me. I will bring along and try out the armored train next time we play.


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