09 December 2011

3 more WHFB Empire Landsknechts for Mordheim

I will add a few white reflections on the black armor once the last miniature is painted.
It will look a bit like the reflections I painted on my Malifaux Freikorps miniatures and add a little more detail to those surfaces.

These models are all metal btw, I cannot stress the difference  in quality between these and the plastics. Frankly I had a hard time painting the plastic models, I guess I've gotten used to painting metal stuff over the last couple of years since I quit GW gaming. It just felt as if the paints acted weirdly on the plastic models.


  1. Beautiful job on those. I've never noticed a differece between painting plastics and metal, but then I'm nt a very good painter. I prefer plastic because it is easier to do conversions.

  2. Thanks guys, just finished painting the last model, the warband leader - and also fixed the models with black armor up a little. Pictures of the warband leader with the rest of the group will be up tomorrow :-)

  3. Great painting on some nice OOP Empire figures. I know what you mean about the difference between metal and plastic.


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