08 December 2011

4 WHFB Empire Landsknechts for Mordheim

First half of a commission  job. I started out with the dull plastic miniatures since the GW plastics can be rather frustrating. I saved the 4 nice metal models that are full of character for later. I'll probably post the second half and a group picture of everything this Saturday.

The models are meant to be used for Mordheim, the customer will be doing his own basing so the ones on the picture will be discarded upon return. Commission painting is always interesting, this time I don't have to think so much about the colors, since I got a paper with very detailed instructions about what colors each model (they are numbered) should be painted in. So nothing is random but according to the customers wishes.

Since my own matt varnish has a tendency to mess up the end result, especially during this cold and humid time of year I advised the customer to matt varnish the models himself since he lives in Stockholm and has access to the wonderful "Testors Dullcote" which can't be found anywhere else in this country and only be bought over the counter at Wentzell's in Stockholm.


  1. Beautiful job on those. I especiallly like the faces.

  2. Thanks :-)

    The skin on all models was ordered to be "sun tanned" so the skin is a notch darker than my usual painting. Painting a couple of the metal models now, I think the entire warband will look neat together when done. The metal models really have a lot more character in them than the generic plastic "unit box" models.

  3. Cool, I'm just about to buy a box of the Empire Militia for a Mordheim band. Mine probably won't be as uniformed though, I want them to look like rag-tag mercs.

  4. Well done! I like your color choices.



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