03 December 2011

December releases from Forged in Battle

Also got an email from Forged in Battle with a bunch of closeup pictures of the new releases they have going, among them the Polish cavalry for Early War. Now truthfully, I was a bit disappointed, mainly because they all came with lances.

So I emailed Forged in Battle and asked them if there would be any other cavalry version as well ( I had emailed them previously some month ago and told them about the lance not being used during the September campaign, but that the cavalry were armed with rifles and sabers as secondary weapon for charges).

I got this answer "Andy says, there is a pack of Polish cavalry coming out wearing Adrian helmets and carrying sabers". An overwhelming relief and joy washed over me for a couple of reasons.

1) Obviously having more variety in the range is better if players want to mix their own units.

2) Historical accuracy calls for sabers if they have to wield a close combat weapon.

3) Honestly, saber charges are just looking a bit more cool.

4) Models with sabers take up less space during transport between games.

Now I can't wait for those, and the other Polish releases such as the dismounted cavalry and 10th motorized infantry *drools*


Tanks & Vehicles                              

A-46     Jeeps & 50cal mg      

B-47     M3 Lee, North Africa               

B-52     Grant CDL      

P-61     Tiger 1H Tropical        

R-44     T-34/76 m42/43 (fuel boxes)    

R-46     T-34/76 m43 (3x fuel tanks)                 


EWB4        Early War Highland Platoon

EWP5        Early War Polish Cavalry Chapzka / Lance  

G-PARA-1 German Paratrooper Platoon


B-45     M3A1 Honey  

B-46     M3 Grant        

B-49     M4A2 

P-06     StuG IIIG late  

P-83a    Sd250alt radio

P-83b   Sd250alt telephone     

R-47     T-34 uparmoured

G-93     Sd7/1 (softskin)         

P-05     StuG IIIG x 4  

P-32     PzIIIG-H x 4    

P-77     Sd234/2 Puma x 3      

P-82     Sd250/9 alt 2cm x 3    

R-41     T-34 m40 L11 or F34 x 4         

R-42     T-34 m41 F34 x 4        

A-59     M20 utility x 2 

P-23     PzII D/E x 4    

P-21     PzII A-C x 4    

P-45     Pz IVJ x 4      

B-42     British Sherman III x 4 

L-14      Soviet M4 76mm 'Emcha' (M4A2 76mm Sherman)        

G-90     2cm auf Sd10/4 x 3    

A-67     DODGE 1.5 Ton Truck x 4      

A-68     DODGE 1.5 Ton/Winch x 1


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