17 December 2011

FoW: Early War tournament 2011 lists and scenarios

Well I'm just about to leave for my first Flames of War tournament, it's early as hell and I just want to throw up what I've just eaten. The tournament is a mini event, 1 day, 3 battles, 8 players. 4 allies and 4 axis so no blue on blue. It should be fun, my buddy Thomas will be there as will his buddy Patrik who I have mentioned earlier helping me and Thomas out with rules during our EW games. Patrik is also the one organizing the whole thing. First and foremost this whole thing is for fun and to get a few games played, I'm probably not alone liking it that way either. And the reason I even bothered with a tournament was indeed to get 3 games of Flames of War: Early War played before Christmas. Had to read up on the rules last night since schoolwork had prevented any earlier preparations.

The scenarios played will be

Battle 1: Hold the line
Battle 2: Fighting withdrawal
Battle 3: Witch's cauldron

So no way for me to get to pull off the "nigh counterattack" Polish special rule with those scenarios. A bit worried about battle nr3 since that will probably be quite a mess with my heavy artillery platoons stuck in the middle due to lack of transports. We'll see how it goes.

And to not bog down the coming battle reports and to provide a greater sense of detail about the forces I figured I would also post all the army lists here as well.

All armies are based on 1500pts.


My Polish Batalion Piechoty

And the remaining 7 lists. I will try to take picture of every army during the tournament.

Pictures from the event and some kind of battle reports will follow shortly.


  1. Good luck and have fun! Some of those German lists look ugly, not over the top but they are tough.

    I am used to getting up early like 6 or 7 sometimes to leave by 8am to drive 2 to 2 1/2 hours to get to an event. I go to events for the same reason, not as much about winning prizes (that is icing on the cake) but just to play 3 games.

  2. Back from the tournament. My feet and knees are killing me though I don't have a headache or felt mentally tired even though we were playing from 09-20.00

    I had a really good time, lost all my games but all games were lost during the last turn of each scenario. What killed me in the end was that I just had 3 units that could move and fire - 2 infantry platoons and 1 tank platoon. That just didn't work out. And with reserves in 2 scenarios I learned the hard way the brutality of having 4 platoons in reserve and being forced to deploy 2 artillery platoons covered by a weak infantry company.

    It may sound weird since my mind is pretty much always set on defending in games like these. But not being able to make any clever countermoves or exploit weaknesses was hard.

    I was still lucky in some sense in that all 3 games were Infantry vs Infantry armies, and I only rolled to be the attacker once - and it was in a scenario that allowed both sides to start with everything on the table!

    Patrik who hosted and made the tournament come true already talked about hosting another Early War tournament sometime early next year – in which case I’m already planning on fielding an infantry battalion made up of only infantry, a bit of cavalry and the armored train. Screw all the AT gun platoons and artillery. This tournament what killing and actual playing was done was done by infantry. My artillery did not break even in terms of killed units after 3 games and I paid through my nose for those two.

    Anyway, started working on the pictures from today, so some kind of short battle reports should be posted by tomorrow and during Monday.


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