27 December 2011

Gladiator: Hoplomachus

A light gladiator armed with a spear. In the "Gladiator" rules models armed with spears may support friendly Gladiators from a relative safe distance, thus increasing the amount of attacks the friendly Gladiator directly in contact with the enemy has by +1. Supporting a friendly Gladiator this way do not count as if the spearman was directly involved, and as such he does not contribute with anything beyond giving the +1 Attack bonus.

On the other hand, the Hoplomachus not being well armored and just having a tiny shield might well be better off in a supporting role than pushing his luck in a 1vs1. Though the two handed spear has a decent Strength of 5 meaning it could wound most gladiators with relative ease if it should come to just that.


  1. Nice figure, I'm not sure I fancy the period but the figures are lovely looking.

  2. Thanks Smillie, I can understand that. Strangely enough I fancy gladiators but could never get myself to collect and play Ancient battles even though I love some of the miniatures as well.

  3. Heh, I am just waiting to get caught up in money to go wild on buying pirates, Gladiators and some extra Old West stuff. I love the Gladiators and figure I will be buying the same line.


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