02 December 2011

Gladiator: Sagittarius

Last ranged weapon specialist in my collection at the moment, the Sagittarius. And as the game uses "what you see is what you get" in regard to armor protection he falls under the "heavy archer" category due to his chainmail, leg armor and helmet.

Move and fire reduces movement rate down to half so he is not as quick and adaptable as the Velite or Gaetulian. His arrows are also the weakest projectiles, being limited to 5 arrows he will have to get into the fight with his Gladius soon enough. However the generous amount of good armor makes his survival rate higher than his half naked buddies throwing javelins and darts.
You can of course also field a "light archer", both types are described under the character profile, but I don't see the point of that. With armor on he may be very slow moving, but at least he stands a chance in close combat.

If you have chariots you can load them up with any kind of ranged weapon specialist to stand in the back and fire.


  1. Reminds me, I have a bag o' gladiators to paint....

  2. Get painting John ;-)

    There will be a bunch of other stuff up over the next couple of days and week. A Mordheim warband comissioned, a zombie flesh tutorial and me cathing on a few 15mm things I had left for my Polish early war army.


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