23 December 2011

Gladiator: Scissori and group pictures

Due to school work (which I'm still burdened with over the Christmas break btw) I have not been able to paint a lot over the last 2 weeks. So I took the opportunity today to get back to my Gladiators and hope to finish as many as possible before New Year.

The Scissori I painted today is a heavy Gladiator and a "contra Retiarius". Wearing a similar helmet to the Secutor for facial protection against the trident and the slashing blade in one hand with which catch and cut off the net of the Retiarius.

This Gladiator is very slow, just a notch above the very heavy all plate armored Cruppellarius - but his chances of surviving a blow from an enemy weapon are quite good. Chainmail, segmented plate armor to protect the arms, plate armor on the legs - and he is one of few Gladiators that has 2 attacks in his profile due to both sporting a Gladius and the slashing blade.

I think this is one of the more popular Gladiator sculpts from Crusader Miniatures, I like him a lot as well. There is just something appealing about the bizarre look of his.

And since I was asked a few weeks ago - I had not forgotten - about a group picture of my Gladiator collection I took a couple of group pictures of the Gladiators painted up so far. Enjoy:


  1. The new addition to your Ludus has been very nicely "adorned" for the arena. He looks at home with his fellow fighters on the sand. And, my favorite of the group is still the Giant. Thanks.

  2. Yea, the conversion is sweet and a well done paint job! Looking forward to finally getting an order in for Gladiators along with my Pirates and Western Figs, I have so much Warhammer Historical that I want to do it may push my Fantasy and 40k gaming to the back seat! Well, i have to convert a few local guys first.

    Merry Christmas over there!


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