30 December 2011

Gladiator: Two-handed axeman

Not a gladiator class, but rather a gladiator armed with a rarely used weapon. I figure I would base this guy’s stats on the Myrmillo since he has a fish on his helmet. The tradeoff from swinging the huge weapon is receiving -1 to all combat resolutions, but once you score a hit the weapon is the gladiator strength +4 which is pretty awesome, Makes short work of even the heaviest armor.

As I was painting this model I also started thinking of "fatigue" which is not represented in the game - but perhaps it could be written in somehow to affect both Disciplina and movement rate.


  1. nice figure, i'm surprised fatigue is not in the rules, I would have thought it an integral part of a melee combat game.

  2. I don't think a 2-handed axe would be any more fatiguing than trying to wield two weapons at once - one in each hand. Adrenaline would carry the gladiator through a match.

  3. Allan, you might be right - and I was actually thinking of adding fatigue to all gladiators if anything. Though it would be nice to represent various equipment and weapons to add to the total fatigue and make certain gladiators tire faster than others. It would also need to be easy to keep track of, logical and not bog down the already heavy amount of dice rolling.

    If I make up rules for it I will post them on the blog for review and trial :-)

  4. Reminds me I have two packs of gladiators still to paint.


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