05 December 2011

Incursion: Zombie country part 1 AAR (comic)

And now for something completely different, I'm toying around with this new software "Comic Life" which is a way of creating comics out of pictures stored on your hard drive. Lets you do the layout, adding texts, choose fonts, etc. I guess only time and creativity is the limit here. It is awfully time consuming though and perhaps not the best way of writing a battle report but this is just something I wanted to experiment with.

Let me know if you think this sucks ass or if you guys like it. It is not likely I will use this software very often and the amount of games where this style works is rather limited. I'm thinking Incursion, Strange Aeons and perhaps the boardgame Arkham Horror.

Anyway, the scenario is another single player scenario from Incursion: SNAFU called "Zombie country". It is a pretty hard scenario, you only have 2 APE grunts and have to explore 2 boards (though not at the same time) where there are a total of 6 rooms. Each room contains a little surprise - most likely zombies, zombiebombz and werewolves - one room is empty and one contains a stranded APE trooper which will join your little quest.

The difficulty derives both from having only 2 basic grunts, but also because of the deck of cards used for this scenarios. There are a lot of very punishing and bad cards. Any wounds received on the first board will carry over to the second board as well. Any cards in play will be cancelled and re-shuffled. If the allies linger too long on each board the Germans will receive help from a Drohne. So they have to haul ass without being reckless and use the command points wisely.

This AAR is based on the first half of the scenario. Part 2 will be posted in a day or two.


  1. That's "F-ing" awesome, loved it. I can definitely see that it would have taken a bit of time to do. May even have to take a peak at that software myself. Look forward to seeing part 2.

  2. That's awesome! It might have taken time, but it's quite worth it.

  3. The comic element gives it a lot more, a good addition to an already enjoyable batrep.

  4. Very nice! I've seen some other batreps using this software (some TwoHourWargames fans, for the most part).

    I really like this solo mission. There's so much room to cover, you never know what's going to happen.

  5. Thanks guys, I will work on putting part 2 together today so it should be up by tomorrow :-)

  6. That was very cool. I can see how it would be lots of work but it came out great.

  7. Now that's a fine gaming-story if I ever read one! I am a very graphically oriented human being, and this work really turns my creative crank! Gracias, Sir.

  8. It looks awesome! I'll have to find that software and use it for my stuff to.

    Great report,

  9. Really enjoyed that, thx man!

    / Blue


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