06 December 2011

Incursion: Zombie country part 2 AAR (comic)

Part 2 and the exciting conclusion of the adventures of corporal's Jackson and Neville.

A quick recap: Both soldiers explored all 3 rooms in the previous level, awarding them 3VP. They still need to explore one more room and escape with at least 1 soldier to earn 5VP and win the scenario. Both soldiers have received one wound each so they are limping about and are in a bad spot if they run out of luck - a single booby trap card could kill them at this point!

This has been a most interesting experiment, and the feedback on part 1 have been great and very positive. With that in mind I may return to this format in my future Incursion battle reports - there are a couple of single player scenarios left to play which aren't quite as long as this one so they would be less tedious to write using the comic book style.


  1. Ok, this one had it all, it made me laugh, hold my breath and shed a little tear at the end. Great work! :)
    If you decide to publish some future reports in this form, I'm already looking forward to what you might do with Strange Aeons!

  2. Awesome, love the addition of the song,

  3. Awesome! I do love that mission. I played 3 different times in one night. The first was a stunningly easy victory for the APEs (zombies couldn't hit anythin). The second was a rout the other way (APEs couldn't hit anything). The third was close, but the APEs were able to limp to safety.

  4. Heard any new rumours about new stuff for Incursion?
    All seems pretty quiet over at the Grindhouse website...

  5. Unfortunately no :-/

    I think Grindhouse is getting very obscured out there. It makes be a bit worried but I hope Jim and John will hang in there. I'll write them an email and check on them later today.


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