01 December 2011

Strange Aeons atmospheric picture contest results

Here are the entries, 4 in total. A few people said stuff came in the way, like moving houses and other stuff. Hopefully there will be a few more entries next time. For a very exclusive theme and first time contest on a blog I think it's still OK.


Michael Fernie

"The Spider battles Deep One Cultists in Innsmouth"

Michael Domino

"The fool. He would still be alive if he hadn't messed with forces beyond his control. Old Josiah Curtin should have kept to his family vocation- running moonshine and causing trouble for the local law. I don't know what he thought he was doing, but he called up this thing... this formless thing. It crawled up from the lake, and his screams were horrible when he lost control of it. It began to literally consume him. No matter what he did, a man shouldn't have to die like that. I shot him in the head and ran like hell! I can still hear his screams.

Excerpt from the journal of Turk McDaniels, private investigator"

Cultist #3


So really nice entries all of them. Having to pick one winner here's my motivation:

-For creating a dynamic and full of action setup that looks as if it belongs in a pulp comic book - the prize goes to Michael Fernie and his Spider in Innsmouth picture'

Congrats Michael, and you'll find something extra in your package which was not announced but which I had in mind also awarding to the winner. I'll make it a surprise but it should come in handy for your cultists ;-)

And huge thanks to Figouze, Cultist #3 and Michael Domino for also taking part in the very first contest on this blog :-)


  1. Nice stuff all, wish I had some stuff to enter. Strange Aeons is a few months off for me to consider investing in as of yet. Damm the holidays!

  2. Kudos to all contestants. Really like the action shot of the Spider.

  3. Good pick! Congrats to all the entrants.
    There are some people here who like the GW's campaign games (Necromunda, Mordheim) for their narrative aspect. Hopefully I'll get some to try out the Aeons demo.

  4. Thank you for this contest !

    It was fun...
    the next one will be with gladiators ?

  5. @Figouze
    Gladiators might not be such a bad idea, and I could probably throw together a prize from the Gladiator miniatures I won't be using myself.

  6. Hej! Vad är det för baser du använder till dina zombies ovan?

  7. @Erik, inte mina figurer (använder själv 30mm baser med rundad kant till allt jag spelar).
    Men tror att basningen på zombiegänget är runda "MDF" baser. Finns att köpa från ett företag som heter Warbases.uk.


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