03 December 2011

Warlord Games makes Polish 7TP tank!

Got the Warlord Games newsletter and was incredibly excited that they actually got down to making the Polish early war 7TP tank. I think I have been asking for it several times over the last 2 years on their forum. This is mindblowingly cool, I can't wait to buy it and att it do my Polish SoTR platoon. It would also allow me to play historical early war 28mm skirmish with a nice tank to back up the infantry and tankettes!

They are going to make a double HMG turret version as well if this aint enough!


  1. Good early war tank but don't see it but fodder if playing against kit after '39.

  2. If used for SoTR (very weird late war) it would most likely be:

    Light front armor, very light on the sides and rear.

    Light AT gun, coax HMG

    Speed Class 2

    Chassis size medium

    Crew 3

    Points cost for the above according to the "mech building chart" would be 6RP

  3. This is great news Alexander. Where is your painting guide for painting WW2 Polish armour, please Alexander.

    The two turreted version will be a hit too.



  4. I have a vague memory of doing one for 28mm scale (1:56 vehicles) but can't seem to find it. I did one similar for 15mm scale though, it uses the exact same paints and method as I used for 1:56 vehicles: http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/2011/03/painting-polish-15mm-afv-and-artillery.html


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