02 January 2012

Boardgame pictures from our gameday

Just before New Year we had a gameday down at the club - and by coincidence it pretty much turned out to be one long day of  boardgaming. Sadly my pictures that I took of a fun looking game called "Galaxy Trucker" ended up blurry and useless.

I got a few good pictures of Dungeon Lords however which fellow gamer brought down to the club for a game. Since I had ordered this game myself before Christmas and still wait for it to arrive I was very happy to get to play it since I had heard a lot about it. Even though it was the first game for all 3 of us playing it I think we managed quite alright. It's one of those games with a very steep learning curve and a board that is crammed with information that does not make any sense until you have played a couple of turns in which case you start to see the logic in all symbols and arrows.

The game itself, and the way the rules are written, is hilarious. We laughed quite a lot at intended the silliness. It's after all a game that makes fun of fantasy RPG games with noble adventurers who go dungeon crawling. This is a bit like a boardgame version of both Dungeon Keeper and Overlord for PC. It has the same kind silly of humor. I hope that my own copy of the game will arrive sometime soon, in which case there will be a regular boardgame review of both components and game mechanics.

Later we also managed to get a 5 player game of Automobile going which was a interesting experience since I had only played 3 player games up to this point. It was a lot more competitive with 5 people as you might expect, new car factories popped up real fast along the outer rim of the board and we almost reached the very end of the line at the end of the game. The amount of loss cubes generated was also a lot higher in a 5 player game and you really need to use those characters to rid yourself of the loss cubes else you end up like me - leeched with 12 loss cubes for 2 turns.

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